Ted Brennan

To fly in the Bay Area is to fly in some of the most challenging airspace in the world.

From Santa Rosa to San Jose, there are more than a dozen active airports, including three busy internationals; San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, providing hundreds of flights taking off and landing every hour.

My goal is to help you become a safe, confident and competent pilot navigating this busy airspace.

Using a syllabus, we will start with the fundamentals of flying to build a solid framework and eventually work our way towards more advanced maneuvers in order to prepare you for the FAA practical exam.

On the ground, you’ll learn regulations, radio communications, aeromedical factors, and much more.

I hold FAA, CFI and AGI certificates. I also hold a commercial, multi and single engine instrument license in Europe (EASA) and can help European pilots transition to the US environment. I speak French, but you wouldn’t be able to tell I grew up there.

When not teaching, I enjoy ferrying small airplanes over long distances. Flying a Piper Seminole across Greenland is a very exhilarating experience!

Feel free to contact me to get you started.