Steve Woltosz

Is flying a curiosity or even a passion for you? Let’s go fly! My dedication towards teaching and sharing aviation with others comes from successful flying and aircraft ownership over the past four+ decades – truly, the pleasures and utility of aviation are endless.

I specialize in supporting US and international students, with a focus on beginning students, private and commercial, high-performance transitions, mountain flying, and all weather flying. Along the way, I’ve flown over 39 different aircraft over the span of 40+ years; from basic trainers to high-performance / complex single-engine and twin-engine piston aircraft, and jets. Successfully owning and operating several aircraft (C172N, C177RG, C182, BE- 35, BE-35B, F-33A, PA-34-200T, PA-60, and family owned CE-551, T-34A Mentor, and L-39) I have flown in the US, Canada, Bahamas, and Mexico. I have a successful, safe and efficient track record in both personal and business-related, single-pilot, mission-oriented flying across the continental US and international destinations.

My initial flight instruction started in high-school while working at a flight school at William J Fox Field (KWJF) in the Mojave Desert. I continued my private pilot license training in college at San Jose International (KSJC) in my own C172N. A couple years later I completed my Instrument Rating (KSJC), shortly thereafter my commercial single-engine rating in my V-tail Bonanza (KSJC). A while thereafter, I completed my multi-engine commercial instrument rating (KPAO), owned and operated a Seneca (KPAO, KSQL), owned and operated a Citation II (KWJF), and also a Piper Aerostar 700P (KPAO, KSQL). In the mix, I also completed my tailwheel endorsement in a Citabria (KPAO) and then finished my aerobatic sign-off for Basic and Sportsman Competition Aerobatic Sequences in the Super-Decathlon (KPAO) and in the Extra-300L (KRHV).

Interested in owning your own airplane? – While renting is great, there’s nothing more satisfying than owning and flying your own airplane. If you are interested in acquiring an aircraft of your own, let’s discuss what the process looks like and how I can help you find the right aircraft.

Achieving your aviation goals – Together, with structured and safe flight instruction methods, we’ll work together in efficiently achieving your aviation goals. Feel free to contact me for a no-obligation introductory meet-up where we’ll discuss how we can work together; and if we determine we’re not the right match I am happy to help you find a suitable instructor.

Let’s fly together soon!