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Steve Philipson

Steve Philipson is a veteran of some 34 years and 10,000 hours of flying experience who holds Air Transport Pilot and Gold Seal Flight Instructor certificates for airplane single and multi-engine land, instrument airplane, and glider. He’s been a SAR (search and rescue) pilot and safety officer with the Civil Air Patrol for over 25 years. Steve’s also an independent aviation researcher and author with published work on flying airplanes in mountain wave conditions and mountain search flying. He also regularly gives presentations on aviation safety.

Steve has been a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) for 28 years and has given over 7,000 hours of flight instruction at all levels of pilot training, from student through flight instructor and Airline Transport Pilot. He also teaches specialty courses on mountain flying, emergency maneuvering, G1000 and other “glass cockpit” aircraft and flying companion programs for non-rated partners of certified pilots.

You can view some of Steve’s articles and his web-links page at his website: