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Steffen Franz

After enjoying the Autobahn for over 15 years, I came to the U.S. Tortured by a long, slow drive to Disneyland, it made me crave a different, more efficient type of transportation over these longer distances. It was always my dream to learn how to fly, so the opportunity combined with a necessity. An intro flight later and I was hooked, like so many of us. From there it was only a matter of how far I would like to take this new hobby.

Enjoying teaching others in my professional career in the software technology business, I wanted to explore if I would enjoy it the same in the field of aviation. In the principle of “One small step for man,” I tested the waters becoming a ground instructor and teaching my own private pilot ground school class. Helping others on their path made me enjoy this hobby even more. A second (instrument) ground instructor rating and ground school class followed and the path to flight instructor was the logical consequence.

Becoming a flight instructor to teach in the air rounded out the journey. To see students learn, evolve, and staying in touch with them after they achieved their rating(s) is one of the driving factors for me. One of my favorite quotes by Benjamin Franklin is, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” That is how I try to approach teaching people to learn how to fly.

Gerne geht das Ganze auch in Deutsch 🙂