Ron Klutts

I’m a long time pilot having earned my Private Pilot Certificate as a teenager.

I see the value in a concentrated learning environment but I know not everyone is able to dedicate a large chunk of time at once. I will work with your schedule and tailor the training to your needs.

Flying across the country a few times is a unique experience and a great way to gain experience in cross country flying with varying weather and unexpected problems. It’s a wonderful way to travel and a good way to gain practical experience.

Whether you’re seeking your Private Pilot, advanced ratings, or just want a demo flight and do some flight seeing, I can help you to get started.

I’m available weekends and evenings during the week on occasionally during the weekday. My promise to you is I’ll never leave in the middle of your training to take a job with the airlines, it’s not what I want to do.

I love to teach and fly for the fun and sharing my passion of flight with you.