CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, Tailwheel

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Rich Digrazzi

I have been an instructor and professional pilot nearly all of my adult life. I first learned to fly gliders, getting my initial experience as an instructor and ride pilot in Calistoga, California, when I was just out of high school. Since then, I’ve gone on to add ratings as a commercial pilot, and then as an instructor in both single and multiengine aircraft. I flew for many years as a charter pilot, and as pilot for several airlines, eventually flying the 767, 717, and DC-10 at Hawaiian Airlines, as well as many other jets and turboprops. In all, I’ve flown about 7500 hours, with about 2000 of that as instructor. From gliders, to acrobatics and tailwheel, instrument, multiengine, and basic single engine training, I’ve had the opportunity to teach a wide variety of students, from all backgrounds and from many parts of the world. I enjoy showing new pilots how to succeed at this craft.

By constantly striving to bring the experiences I’ve had to my students, I instill a good understanding of the nuances of flying airplanes, as well as the skill and knowledge to safely operate in the modern environment we find ourselves in as pilots. My goal is to bring new people into the world of flying with the expectation that they will achieve a high level of skill, not only in basic “stick and rudder” work, but also be able to navigate complex airspace and communicate with ease. Most of all, I strive to make the learning process fun. After all, the whole idea is to see the world from a new perspective and to experience freedom. That’s the reason I became a pilot, and I always keep that in mind when flying with students.