Or Cohen

My name is Or and I am excited to teach you how to fly. I am originally from Israel and moved to the states in 2018 to become a pilot. I have been in the Bay Area since 2019, pursuing a degree in Aeronautical Science. Before that, I received my flight training in Maryland from Private pilot to CFII/MEI. I have been eating, breathing, and sleeping aviation since the first time I took the controls and am happy to be able to share my passion with others.

Since I am a student pilot myself constantly looking for new airplanes to learn to fly, I know what it’s like to be in the left seat and am constantly trying to put myself in your position to better understand what you need to make the learning easier, more effective, and more enjoyable for you.

As part of my journey in aviation, I had the opportunity to fly around the U.S. from Maryland to California and back and all around the East Coast, which gave me a lot of good experience dealing with new airports, terrain, and procedures. If you are looking to get a PPL or advance your skills with a new rating I believe I have a lot to offer.

As far as training goes, I am a big believer in teaching aid readiness. Before every lesson I will give you material to review so that you are better prepared, as well as a briefing when we meet before and after the flight. Doing so will yield better results in the air and save you time and money. For every hour in the air, there should be 2-3 hours on the ground. My goal is not only to get you through the checkride, but to train you to be a good and safe pilot.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to help however I can!