Nariman Farsaie

As a life-long aviation enthusiast, I enjoy sharing my love of flying with others. My sessions have been described by students as being joyous and empowering, this being at the heart of why I love what I do. Following a structured lesson plan, I help students to effectively master flight planning, strategy, safety and risk management, all critical components of flight. My unique teaching style allows students the time and opportunity to process and adapt, to develop their own flying style where they feel relaxed, calm and able to plan ahead. Nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing students reach their goal of learning to fly.

Flight instruction is what I do. I am what is called a Career Instructor. This means that I’ve devoted my entire flying career to instructing.

I enjoy solving training issues. Sometimes students hit learning plateaus. I’ve helped students get through learning difficulties, being landings or performing maneuvers to Private Pilot Training Standards. Human Beings are complex and at times passing knowledge or skills from instructor to student becomes challenging. As an instructor, I’ve found myself in such situations in the past. I arranged for my students to fly with other experienced instructors with successful results.