Matt D’Amico

My aviation journey began at the young tender age of 8 after watching “Top Gun.” I knew
then and there that I wanted to fly, more particularly, fighter jets. As time went on and
other passions took the forefront of life, flying was essentially placed on the backburner
and my other passion, soccer, took precedence. After graduating with a degree in
Biology with a chemistry minor, and pursuing a professional soccer career, I became a
Molecular Biologist. Following years of working as a scientist and later coaching and
teaching various soccer leagues, I realized that I needed to revisit my first passion –
flying – and combining that with my skill and joy in teaching others the tradecraft.
I moved out to California from Maryland in order to pursue this passion by solely
working and saving money for flight school. After 1.5 years, I moved to Florida to
embark on this new adventure where I got my Private Pilot License. Shortly thereafter, I
moved back to the Bay Area and continued the journey, recently leaving my full-time job
as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist to pursue a career in aviation, full-time. Pursuing this
path taught me how to have grit and resiliency to not only complete my hours and
license, but succeed and excel in aviation tradecraft–these are additional qualities and
experience which I can bring to your education.
Advantage Aviation is top-of-the-line in both flight instruction and aircraft fleet. You
won’t find a better home for your flying desires anywhere in the Bay Area. Bottom line.
Whatever your journey may be, whether for professional purposes or pure enjoyment, I
would love to help you achieve your goals in the art of flying. Shoot me a message and
let’s talk!