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Libor Kovarcik

I have a basic, laid-back approach to flight instructing. When someone comes to me to learn how to fly, I tell them that I have two goals: to make them a safe pilot and to get them to pass the flight test. Since I began teaching in 2002, I have seen that we all learn differently and I approach each new pilot with an open mind. Together we try to figure out how to best pass on the skills, information, and habits required to be a safe, skilled pilot. I spend a lot of time discussing how to avoid accidents, high-risk areas and behavior, stalls and spins near the ground, and hazardous weather. As I have lots of experience flying in the mountains in a wide variety of aircraft, I also train pilots on how to properly prepare for mountain flying and treat this aviation niche with the proper respect it deserves.

Other important parts of learning to fly are regulations, air traffic control, and airspace. Together we’ll develop habits and real-time analytical skills to stay away from legal trouble by learning how to simultaneously avoid complicated airspace and to fully participate and fly through it.

I have been flight instructing at Palo Alto airport since 2002 and I have been with Advantage Aviation since the beginning. I have successfully trained and signed off countless pilots for flight tests ranging from private pilot certificates to airline transport pilot, and everything in between. I work in aviation full time. I have over 14,000 hours of flight time, almost all in general aviation aircraft. I have worked as a test pilot for 4 years and am currently training pilots in piston and turbine, single and multi-engine airplanes, ranging from pressurized, turbocharged, technically advanced airplanes with the most modern avionics and autopilot systems, to the most basic trainers.

Never have I received any violations, disciplinary action, and am proud to say that I have never even scratched an airplane, much less had any accidents or incidents.

Some of my professional background includes:

-Flying several King Airs (twin Beechcraft turboprops) carrying passengers as single pilot
-Flew as a captain for an airline for a brief period (wasn’t my thing–didn’t enjoy it, but gained valuable experience from it which I use every day)
-Flew for several aerial photography companies (lots of fun!)
-Currently instructing pilots in Piper Meridians (single-engine turboprop), Pilatus PC-12s, and King Airs
-Lots and lots of instrument, mountain, and all-weather experience
-International flying experience

Please call or email with any questions or for references. I’m always happy to talk about aviation!