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Jonathan Chung

There’s something about flying that offers committed individuals a great sense of freedom and joy. As soon as I took my first introductory flight at age 17, I knew aviation was the perfect career path for me. I attended an aeronautical university and graduated in 3 years as a valedictorian, with the privilege to flight instruct students. Over the years, I have built up much awareness and knowledge. I have given over 12,000 hours of ground and dual flight instruction since 2010.

I hold myself to a very high instructing standard. I always actively look for ways to improve my knowledge and skills as a ground and flight instructor. I offer only the best to my students and nothing less than stellar. I train a multitude of students from different backgrounds. I have a very high student pass rate, earning me the title of an FAA Gold Seal flight instructor. I ensure all my students receive high quality training to the greatest degree.

You’ll find my teaching style particularly adaptive to your learning style. I’ll ensure that the time spent during lessons are effectively utilized. It’s important for me to maximize your productivity and minimize the potential learning plateaus. You’ll be on an up-to-date training course syllabus that caters towards your specific needs. Pacing is key to progress; I offer accelerated training for those who are looking to fly aggressively and casual training for those who are looking to fly passively.

Students looking to fly for leisure and for personal purposes should receive training for a private pilot certificate. This certificate is ideal to take family and friends flying around. This is also great for scenic trips and local flying. Keep in mind that this is important to have for those seeking advance training.

The Bay Area is prone to fog, especially during the summer months. Winter time flying can be a challenge too. Adding an instrument rating to your pilot certificate can mitigate these restrictions. You’ll have access flying in and out of clouds. You’ll work extensively with air traffic controllers to navigate the airplane under instrument flight rules. This is beneficial to have for those looking to fly on long cross countries. This is a very important rating for those who are considering owning an airplane someday and it’s a necessary staple for eventual airline pilots.

For career-orientated pilots, it’s important to hold a commercial pilot certificate. Having one allows you to receive pay and compensation through flying. You’ll learn how to handle advanced maneuvers and emergencies and understand the intricacies of a complex airplane. This certificate is usually tied in with a multi-engine rating and is a must-have to join the airlines someday.

For pilots looking to return back to flying, I provide refresher courses. I conduct flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks for pilots needing to reestablish their currency. I also offer flight simulator training for those who aren’t ready to fly just yet and wish to take a more docile approach.

Although I teach all types of students, I specialize in advanced training, especially those seeking an instrument rating, complex rating, multi-engine rating, high-performance endorsement, flight instructor certificate, or airline transport pilot certificate.

Allow me to share my aeronautical knowledge and flight experience with you. I will teach you the unique sets of ground knowledge and flight skills that will aid you in: maintaining positive control of an airplane, navigating to different airports, communicating with air traffic controllers, handling emergency situations, managing risks, prioritizing tasks during flight, dealing with adverse weather conditions, and more. Safety is always my number one priority!

Let me know how I can help you. Cheers!