CFI, CFII, Tailwheel


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Jim Hopp

My goal as a flight instructor is to help you achieve your aviation goals, safely. That means figuring out how you learn best and instructing that way.  It means providing a positive, safe, supportive training environment. Everyone hits a training plateau at some point during training; I’ll adjust the lesson plans so that you spend as little time on the plateau as possible and don’t become discouraged.

I learned to fly when I turned 40. When I retired from software, I decided that being a flight instructor would combine my love of flying and hanging out with aviation people with the enjoyment I get from watching someone achieve challenging milestones.

I specialize in tailwheel instruction, because I find that flying a tailwheel airplane develops more refined crosswind landing skills. I also teach instrument flying in glass cockpit airplanes.

If you want to learn to fly tailwheel airplanes, or just learn more about the flight training process, get in touch!