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Jeffrey Barratt

I first started flying back in 2014 here at Advantage Aviation. Since then, I’ve gotten my Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University while also working as a Teaching Assistant. After college, I continued to pursue my love for aviation and completed the remainder of my ratings at Advantage.

I strive to personalize every lesson to fit your goals and specific learning style, because every student comes from a different background and will learn at a different pace. Palo Alto presents an excellent learning environment, one that I believe prepares pilots to navigate the complex national airspace system with ease and will produces superior aviators.

My goal is to make you a safe, skilled, and well-rounded pilot so that you can enjoy the incredible experiences and freedom that come with having a pilot certificate or advanced rating. If you’re looking to get up in the air or just looking for some advice or info, email me or give me a text/call. I’d love to chat!