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Jason Watson

Growing up with a parent who worked for the airlines, I was introduced to aviation very early in life.  Flying has always enabled new adventures and opportunities.  Several years ago, I came to Advantage Aviation with a desire to be challenged, learn, and experience new things.  Since my discovery flight (thank you to my wife for the birthday gift!), all of my certificates and ratings (from Private to CFI-I) were earned in conjunction with instruction at Advantage.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Virginia and an MBA in Information Systems Management from George Mason University.  I have worked in technology and technology management for the federal government, the private sector, and (currently) academia my entire professional career.

My flying adventures often involve travel to remote locations across the world to capture military aircraft in low-level training operations. Click here to check it out! Whether descending below sea level to land in Death Valley or sitting in the backseat of a warbird photographing precision formation flights, aviation continues to provide unique and memorable experiences.

I enjoy educating on the freedom and flexibility flying general aviation aircraft provides and look forward to sharing this perspective to your flight training.