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Eric Teng

Whether you are looking for flight training to obtain your pilot certificate, doing a flight review, or even just trying out a discovery flight, I can help you. My instruction will guide you from zero experience to becoming a professional pilot.

I grew up in an air force family. Both my grandfather and father were mechanic officers. Watching them work closely with airplanes, I always hoped that someday I’d become the first person in my family to fly an airplane and have been waiting to become a pilot since I was a child.

After I graduated from my university in Taiwan, I moved to Southern California and finished my private pilot, instrument rating, and commercial pilot training under a part 141 flight school.

After I completed my training in Southern California, I went into the aerospace industry as a composite manufacturing planning engineer for two years. This experience helped me gain knowledge about airplanes beyond just another trained pilot.

I am now a full-time flight instructor eager to share my passion, knowledge, and flight skills with you. I am also fluent in Chinese to help with your understanding of flight training if that is your native tongue. I look forward to flying with you soon!