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Ed Stephan

Like many, my aviation journey began at Advantage Aviation with a discovery flight. I was immediately hooked! From then on I was “drinking from the fire hose,” as one of my instructors liked to put it. I am a professional musician by trade, as a full-time member of the San Francisco Symphony, and I have been teaching for two decades at universities across the U.S. and presenting masterclasses all over the world. I am fully committed to aviation alongside my performing career, and I bring the discipline, passion, structure, and creativity of that lifetime of work to my flying and instructing. Aviation is not a hobby. It is a passion, a lifestyle! It comes with tremendous rewards and responsibilities.

Advantage Aviation is a spectacular home for an aspiring aviator, with so many wonderful instructors and with the Bay Area and all of the West Coast at your fingertips. If you feel that you’ll be a passionate and committed pilot, then I would love to help you on your journey. Whether you’re coming to it fresh, or wanting to pick up where you left off in a former life, shoot me a line!