Basim Nimri

I teach because I enjoy flying, love meeting wonderful people, and helping new pilots achieve their aviation goals whether professional or for pleasure.

I got my private pilot certificate in 1989. Instrument rating came next and commercial single engine and commercial multiengine rating after that. In recent years, I became the product of Advantage Aviation where I completed my flight instructor training and I highly recommend the organization.

My preference is to teach in C172 G1000 (glass cockpit) because it’s a well-balanced, stable, reliable, and forgiving airplane with qualities that translate well to other aircrafts, and I believe that it’s a great choice for student pilots.

For student pilots, my aim and responsibility is to prepare you for your first solo flight, then first cross-country flight, and finally the practical test–the FAA check ride–as well as the knowledge test.

For pilots seeking a commercial pilot rating, the training would be to build your skills to demonstrate superior airmanship and aircraft mastery with a series of performance maneuvers held to a higher standard than previous certificates. Training in a Cessna 172 G1000 counts as a TAA (technologically advanced aircraft) and would be the most economical path and meets the requirements of FAR 61.129(a)(3)(ii); “10 hours of training in a complex airplane, a turbine-powered airplane, or a technically advanced airplane (TAA).”

I am committed to safety, therefore, Practical Risk Management is how I start and conclude every flight. I strongly believe that good judgment can be taught through the formation of good habits/routines and diligent use of checklists.