Audrey Lund

My aviation journey began in France back when I was 15 years old and discovered glider flying. The entirety of my summers were spent up in the air flying and the winters on the ground doing maintenance. I just couldn’t get enough of the piloting experience and the sense of family that comes with being in aviation. A few years later, I moved to the Czech Republic and eventually the U.S. for work and had to stop flying.

Thankfully, in 2017 a friend took me up for a flight lesson and I fell in love all over again. I had missed being up in the air so much that I dove headfirst back in. After becoming a private pilot, the snowball kept rolling until I became instrument rated, then a commercial pilot, and now a CFI! I have loved every minute spent in my training and love passing that joy on to my students.

My specialties are with the advanced G1000 avionics and ground instruction. I offer packages to help you prepare for the written test and oral portion of the checkride. I also enjoy partnering with other CFIs to be the primary ground instructor for their students. Being a flight instructor is such a rewarding experience. Give me a call and let’s go flying today!