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Arvindh Krishnaswamy

I started flying in 1998 and did all of my training out of Palo Alto airport. And after getting my commercial rating in airplanes, I ventured into the world of helicopters as well. Today, I am certified to give instruction in both categories of aircraft.
I enjoy all aspects of teaching including introducing beginners to the basics of aviation, as well as training more advanced pilots in instrument flying, in technically advanced aircraft with modern glass cockpits. My teaching style emphasizes developing a deep knowledge of flight and safety principles, in addition to maintaining very high standards of proficiency.
I have a degree in physics from Caltech and in electrical engineering from Stanford. In a previous incarnation, I also used to teach people the fine art of the violin. When not flying, I work full-time in the hi-tech industry in silicon valley.
I feel that the bay area is one of the most beautiful places in the world to fly in, and we have so much freedom and access here to visit the numerous small airports throughout California. You will not go wrong learning to fly here!