Anawat Chankhunthod

Advantage Aviation is my aviation root and home. I began flying here as a student and kept on training all the way to CFI rating.
My good friend pointed out that I enjoy sharing and passing on the knowledge, and I should consider becoming a flight instructor.
I am glad I followed his advice.

I am in a category of older CFIs that have no desire to fly for an airline. I am just happy to fly my friends and family for fun trips.
My only regret in aviation is that I waited so long for that first step.

I would love to help you on your journey in aviation. Passing on the skill and knowledge to the next generation of pilots is my main motivation as a CFI.

My background is in engineering. I received B.Eng in Electrical Engineering from Chiang Mai University, Thailand, Masters and Ph.D in Computer Engineering from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. In 1996 during my graduate school, I found an internet startup company and moved to Silicon Valley.

I volunteer my aircraft and time for Pilot n Paw missions transporting rescued cats and dogs to their new homes.

In addition to Instrument Airplane, I play a few musical instruments: guitar, piano, flute, and saxophone.