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Albert Chang

In university, I decided to have a career in aviation. It was not until a few years later where I was able to afford and start training. Since then, I’ve had the chance to go from Private to CFII with Advantage while making my long term goal a reality. 

Prior to aviation, I’ve held various roles in the tech sector. All of which involved onboarding and training new hires on my teams. I’ve also coached basketball and worked as a high school teaching assistant. These prior experiences have taught me the importance of leading by example and the methodical process of helping people reach their goals. 

My objective as a flight instructor is to help students pass their checkride and be safe, well-rounded pilots. In addition to following a structured training format, we’ll go through risk management and realistic flight scenarios to ensure that you are ready for the checkride and the flying afterwards. I look forward to sharing the sky with you one day.